Month: May 2015

Inside an Introvert

Inside an Introvert

Find energy from solitude activities?  Become drained after a few hours of social activities?  Often focusing on internal thoughts?  These are just a few common traits of an introvert.

Being introverted does not mean I am shy. I am quiet, not shy. If I want to tell you something, I will. I used to be shy, very afraid to raise my hand in class and talk to people that were new to me. It drove me crazy to be shy, I hated it. I gradually forced myself into situations to overcome shyness. But the introverted side of me stays. That’s who I am.

Introversion can be misunderstood as rude, selfish or standoffish. It’s not, I’m just not much into small talk, it doesn’t mean I don’t like you. We introverts can be great listeners! We really like to think before we talk so we are not usually the first to speak up in a conversation.  Get us talking about something we are interested in and we don’t stop talking.

I keep most of my emotions inside.  I know this makes it hard to tell what I am thinking.  But please know I do have emotions, strong emotions, just like any other person.  I just often don’t express them outwardly.

Extroverts and Introverts enjoy many of the same activities. We are not so different from one another. I like to workout but by myself, you may like to workout but with a group of people. I love going to fairs and festivals with a couple close friends for a few hours, you may find much more fun taking a group for the whole day.

On the other hand, I’m quite content alone with a book, walking my dogs, or taking photographs. These are the activities that energize me.

The world needs all types of people. Keep this in mind. We need quiet, deep thinking introverts just as much as we need outgoing, risk taking, social extroverts. We all create the wonderful world we live in.

To all you extroverts out there, we love you. We really do. You add excitement to social situations that we truly do enjoy. Just know many situations that revive your energy actually drain our energy – our brains work differently.

Every introvert and every extrovert is different.  We all have different levels.  Be at peace with who you, and others around you, are.

“It isn’t enough to talk about peace, one must believe it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it, one must work for it.”                                   — Eleanor Roosevelt

“It isn’t enough to talk about peace, one must believe it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it, one must work for it.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

We must not wait for peace to enter our lives. Open yourself to receive peace and believe that it will come.

Create situations that open paths in your life that will lead you to peace.

Peace takes action on your part, oftentimes while you are feeling anything but peaceful. Take small steps and you will find your peace.



Having trouble finding peace?

One Mindfulness is a very helpful technique in finding peace, but can be very hard to accomplish some days.

Try playing an instrument like the guitar, banjo, keyboard (my favorite), or drums. Ever seen someone playing a didgeridoo? I have always wanted to try one of those! It doesn’t matter what you choose, keep your options open.

Something you’ve never done before?? No worries, if you are new to playing start simple and make it fun. The great thing about playing an instrument is that it takes a lot of concentration, great for one mindfulness. You have to focus on how to play the instrument and what sounds are coming out of it. It takes your focus off the outside world and onto making music.

You can play from ear or learn to play from written music. You can get information on how to play from books at garage sales or music stores. Look on line for instructions. There are many videos available on line now. Find an local instructor that you can see once a week to help you learn. The learning options are limitless.


If you used to play an instrument start playing again. Remember the peace and fun it brought to your life? It’s never too late to start playing again. It will take practice, but that’s part of the fun.

Ever play piano, there are some great keyboards you can buy that are easier than having to move a piano and keep it tuned. Used drums (think bongo drums smiley) and guitars are easy to find at garage sales, on line, or at your local music store. Ever try a recorder?  They are less expensive to buy and are a small, simple instruments to learn. Visit your local music store and see what they have available. Have patience with the learning process, take it slow. Enjoy.

FOCUS on the sound of the instrument, the feel of the instrument, the sheet music or the memorization of notes, and the peacefulness that comes from playing.

Find a Little PEACE in Your Life

Find a Little PEACE in Your Life

Peace is found everywhere around you.

Make an effort to identify something peaceful in your life every day.  Make a game out of it so it becomes a habit.  If you have a very stressful life this may seem hard to do at first.  It can take some practice.

It can help to have a note pad next to your bed and force yourself to write down at least one peaceful thing you saw that day.

Peace can be seen as you are driving to and from work.  Look for green fields and flowers or kids playing baseball.


Seek out the peaceful elements of your surroundings.  In crowded areas maybe you’ll hear a child laughing or smell delectable food from a nearby restaurant.

Take a walk or a hike and listen to the birds or watch the gentle waves in a lake.  Listen to nearby streams and focus on the sound and the sun reflecting on the ripples in the water.  Take a closer look at the lake, do you see rocks or fish swim peacefully by?


Observe the small things around you and take in the peaceful energy.

What brings peace into your life?

Many Different Ways to “WIN” a BATTLE

Many Different Ways to “WIN” a BATTLE

Learn healthy habits to handle every day battles. Don’t hold onto negative energy.

Why fight some battles but let others go? How do you choose which battles to fight? Learn when to have a healthy debate.

Everyone runs into negative situations. Someone is picking on you or your child, you have a disagreement with your boss, a stranger is rude to you, or someone cuts you off in traffic.

Learning healthy ways to handle negative situations will bring peace into you life. Life is too valuable to fight on a daily basis. On the other hand, there are battles that you need to fight for. It’s not healthy to ignore all negative situations. There are some battles that will linger forever if you do not stick up for your beliefs. Holding onto anger can allow it to grow inside you and negatively effect your physical and mental health.

Which battles do you fight through debating or expressing your views? I always ask myself if the issue is something that will continue to frustrate me in a couple weeks. If it will, then I take it head on. If not, walking away may actually win the battle.


For example, if the store clerk is rude, are you really going to care a day later? Chances are you’ll be over the frustration within a day or possibly even within a few minutes. So, in situations like this, walk away. Let it go and don’t be confrontational or rude in return. You will feel stronger because you let it go. If you must respond be truly nice in return. Do not say something that will escalate the situation. Your reaction won the situation.

Keep in mind, most of the time people are rude it’s not really directed at you. They are having issues of their own that have nothing to do with you. They hold onto anger and then lash out at innocent people. Or, maybe you just took them wrong and they were not trying to be rude.

If someone picks on you or a loved one, take it on. You and your loved ones are worth it. Being picked on is likely something you will hold onto for years or even a lifetime. In these sorts of situations be strong, but practice pausing before you react. Violence is not the answer. Practice social intelligence. Give your brain enough time to think before you speak.  Find a friend to talk through it first before you react. You will be proud of yourself that you stuck up for the situation and handled it in a healthy manner.

Many situations do not need a confrontation. Often you just need to stand up for your opinions and values and have a healthy debate.  Debates are OK. You will learn a lot more through debating than from fighting. Even if you do not win the debate you still WON in the fact you learned more about the other person’s point of view and you were able to convey yours.

Think though healthy ways to take on the battles of life and find your peace.

Hypnosis  – Fearful or Trustful?

Hypnosis – Fearful or Trustful?

Is the first thought that comes to mind a colorful man at a festival asking for volunteers to gather near him? He tells the crowd they will be in awe at how easily he can hypnotize their friends and make them act out hilarious tasks in front of you for your amazement. Soon the volunteers will be standing on one foot and baulking like chickens.

This is my first thought. Hypnosis carnival style. Let me start by saying I have never tried it, hmmm, maybe because this is how I was introduced to it. I’m a bit fearful and admittedly a bit of a control freak when it comes to the thought of not having complete control over my actions.

BUT, I have heard several success stories with what I will term non-carnival hypnosis. So the concept really intrigues me.

I had a co-worker that quit smoking and I have a very close friend that greatly reduced anxiety through the use of hypnosis. They both stand by hypnosis.

Hypnosis can be done through self-hypnosis or a professional hypnotist can guide you.

What occurs during hypnosis?

Your focus and concentration become enhanced and you are able to block outside distractions. You become very relaxed, near a sleep like state. Being in this state opens you to be compelled to follow commands and tune out worries. Professional hypnotists have you assist them in what commands you want to follow and they will guide you appropriately.

The main belief of hypnosis is that it taps into your subconscious and momentarily sets your conscious aside. Your subconscious regulates and stores memories. It also regulates areas such as emotions, breathing, and digestion. It is very powerful. By tapping into these senses, behavior patterns (emotional, mental, and physical) can be altered.

It’s said that hypnosis is much like the state you are in when reading a really really good book. Now that does not sound too scary, does it?!

My friend tells me he can strongly remember the affirmations and connections the hypnotist placed in his subconscious. The words feel stronger to him than the affirmations done outside hypnosis. The sessions also relieved his extreme anxiety better than any other method he had tried.  He is also a strong believer in self hypnosis. He swears it is not frightening and that You allow the hypnosis to work within you.

I am very interested in the healing strength hypnosis has. What are your thoughts of this technique?

Start your day off right!! – SMOOTHIES Quick and Simple!

Start your day off right!! – SMOOTHIES Quick and Simple!

Everyone has heard the rage about smoothies. How healthy they are and how much energy they can give you, but you don’t have time! There are store bought mixes, but how much sugar do they have??

I was worried about time also, but you can actually make a smoothie and clean up in less than 10 minutes a day. I’ve been making them 5 to 6 days a week for over 2 years now.

I personally use a high powered blender. These do a great job and are easy to clean. I’ve been using the same blender for 2 years now and it’s still running great. Quick and easy is what we are after.

Many people ask me exactly what I put in them. They read through 100’s of recipes and get lost in the details. Recipes are great, but you don’t have to follow them down to every ingredient. I simply use them for ideas on what to add to mine.

For example, I noticed many recipes use cinnamon, ginger, or almond butter in them. Great idea! Now I regularly add one or two of these ingredients to mine.

Don’t get me wrong, recipes are great tools also. I just find them cumbersome and didn’t want to keep myself from getting into the smoothie habit.

My Basic Ingredients:

-Add One Leafy Green Vegetable. My favorite choices are spinach or baby kale. I use the organic pre-washed options. This makes preparation a snap. You just grab a couple handfuls and toss them in the blender. I always use start with this ingredient.

-Add between 2 or 3 of the following: Cucumbers, Cabbage, Tomatoes, Carrots, Apples, Celery, Berries or an Orange. Basically whatever I happen to have on hand, but those are my go to fruits and vegetables. Vegetables like Asparagus even work! These are all easy to wash and cut, especially when you only choose a couple from the list.

-Add one cup of Almond Milk.

-Add a dash of Cinnamon, Ginger (I am a fan of fresh ginger), or Almond Butter.


-Drink…. or my favorite is to add Protein Powder and Chia Seeds after my drink is blended. If you are a bit frightened of the vegetable taste the protein powder will hide it. Although I must admit the fresh taste without it is surprisingly good!

-Then wash the blender and you are ready for your day!

Trust me, once you get into the habit smoothies are really fast to make. You just have to get a routine down and keep it simple.

Smoothies are an awesome way to get a couple servings of vegetables and fruits first thing in the day. Looking for a way to start your day in a good mood!! Smoothies will definitely help you get off on the right foot.

I’m curious to hear other people’s ideas on how they manage to keep smoothies as a staple in their diet.

Drink Up!

Create a Vision Board

Create a Vision Board

Vision Boards have many different names such as Inspiration or Mood boards. They are also called Treasure Maps, Visual Explores or Creativity Collages.

They help you define your goals and align your focus. You can include your immediate goals or your long term dreams. It’s your board, you can add whatever you wish.

They are normally created on a poster board or cork board. Use cut out pictures from magazines, ones you’ve found on line or photos you’ve personally taken. You can also add trinkets, drawings, or meaningful quotes. You could also make yours electronically and print it out.

Leave blank spots for new ideas or update the board as new goals come to mind.

They are really easy to create and fun to do! Take some time to relax and focus on the board you are creating. Keep your board simple.

The concept is to present yourself with images of who you want to be, how you want to act, where you want to vacation and what you want to achieve. Surround yourself with these images.

Review the board daily, focus on it, and reinforce it with daily affirmations. Keep your focus on what you want to achieve and put actions into place to move your life in a direction to make these images a reality.

Do Vision Boards really work? Many people feel they do. Visualization works in physical activities. Think of how often athletes use this method. Visualization helps train your brain patterns. I also strongly believe in affirmations. Seeing the same meaningful phrases on a daily basis definitely molds your thinking.

Creating a board may seem a little awkward at first, but give it a try! The results can be quite rewarding. What are your Thoughts?

Where is your PEACEFUL place?

Where is your PEACEFUL place?

Everyone should have a peaceful place to visit!

Mine happens to be a bit of a hike up the hill in the picture above, but once I regain my breathe it’s one of the most peaceful places I have been.  I can see for miles.  It’s very quiet up there except for the light breeze and the birds chirping in the back ground… and the occasional chain saw down in the valley.  Hopefully the resident mountain lion keeps to himself.  I’m hoping he (or she) finds it just as peaceful and is sound asleep!

Peaceful places can be a special spot in a park.  Find a place with beautiful foliage, lake or river.  Listen to the sounds, watch the ducks, and take in the fresh air.

Peaceful places can also be inside your house.  You can create a reading nook or find a room all to yourself.  Turn the lights down, light some candles, and take some deep breathes.

Your peaceful place may be riding a bicycle down an open road or taking in the air on the back of a motorcycle.

Where is your peaceful place?