Month: June 2015

What Gives You Energy?

What Gives You Energy?

Some days I wake up feeling so tired and drained of energy that I feel little motivation to move through the day.

Here are some suggestions I use on those days:

1- Force myself get out of bed. Do not waste your day. Laying in bed will just make you feel worse. It allows time for negative thoughts to run through your head.

2- Eat something healthy. Food fuels your body. It’s energizing to take care of yourself. Unhealthy foods provide soothing feelings momentarily but will quickly drain you of energy in the long run.

3- Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. This provides physical energy.

4- Exercise. Run or even take a short walk. You may start out feeling as if you can barely put one foot in front of the other, but you will start feeling more energy as you move forward. Take in the sounds and the sites around you.

5- Do not watch TV! This quickly drains energy if you are already feeling down.

6- I open my windows and let in light and fresh air.

7- Pull energy from your physical environment. I’ll label it One Mindfulness. Focus on a beautiful tree outdoors. What color is it, how does it move, what sound does the air make as it moves through it’s leaves?

Have you ever read the book “The Celestine Prophecy”, by James Redfield? It’s more of a fictional account, but I found it quite interesting. It has a focus about using the energy around us.


8- Work on a hobby. Read, photograph, blog, play music, make models, take a road trip, paint a room, sew… find something that interests you.

9- I try to sleep 6-7 hours a night. It’s not always possible, but too little or too much sleep can quickly drain energy.

10- Use affirmations and breathing exercises. I’m a big believer in these!

Where do you get your energy from?

Peace in Unexpected Places?

Peace in Unexpected Places?

Peace is when you sit back enjoy the unexpected!


I love driving and hiking off the beaten path. These photos are of Rainbow Falls in Colorado. We decided to follow an intriguing little road off the main drive and were excited to find this wonderful little fall and bridge with brilliant graffiti colors.




In what unexpected places have you found peace?



Why is self confidence so very important in order to lead a happy, healthy life but yet so hard for many people?

One of the main reasons people snap at others is due to low self confidence. If you do not like yourself you open the door to feeling picked on. Low self confidence creates an atmosphere of loneliness, self hatred, and even health issues. If you carry these feelings around with you it’s no wonder you are easily angered or stressed.

This low self confidence allows you to take people wrong and take their frustrations personally. This is no way to live. Think of the stress relief if you can rid yourself of these feelings.

Think of how you react to people with low self confidence. You may not trust them or feel comfortable around them. You may find yourself finding them easy to pick on or blame.

Think of how you react to people with a healthy level of self confidence! You trust what they say and they make you feel comfortable. You will find inspiration from them and gain positive thoughts.

So How Do You Gain Self Confidence??

Self confidence shows in how you act, how you speak, how you dress, your overall attitude, how well you take care of yourself, the amount of eye contact you have, and in the fact you can admit to making mistakes.

Look through this list and pick an area or two you would like to start working on. What areas are you already making progress on??

1- Believe that you can be confident. Write daily affirmations. It takes time to get rid of bad habits, but trust me you can learn to be more CONFIDENT. Be patient with the process and take small steps. By moving forward, at any pace, you will start to see improvement.

2- Learn social intelligence. Social intelligence teaches you how to interact with others. Use eye contact, dress confidently, put your shoulders back and stand tall, learn to listen in conversations (you do not have to always be the one to talk).

3 -Watch for negative thoughts to enter you mind. Right away replace them with positive thoughts. This may be forced at first, but as you do this you will actually see your thought patterns change.

4-Write down your goals. Try vision boards. Pick a goal to start working on. Don’t feel you have to finish all your goals right away. Take each one, focus on it, and work to achieve it. Then choose the next goal.

5-Start healthy habits. Slowly start to replace some of the unhealthy foods you eat with healthy foods. Start exercising. This can be anything from walking, adding some jumping jacks into your daily routine to running or swimming. Your confidence will build as you take better care of yourself.

EVERYONE is DIFFERENT. Be proud of your differences. This makes you interesting. Hold your head a bit higher today and find the confidence that lies within you.


“Peace begins with a smile” Mother Teresa

“Peace begins with a smile” Mother Teresa

Smile at people as you pass them today. See how many people smile back at you.

Every morning smile when you wake up. Just making yourself smile in the morning can brighten your day. It reminds you to think of peaceful, happy thoughts.

Think of how happy you are when you see a laughing child. Smiling can stimulate positive emotions and reduce stress in you and others around you.

Smile more today and see how your day improves!!

Fearful to feel HAPPINESS?

Fearful to feel HAPPINESS?

This is something I and so many others have a fear of. Why?? We should strive to feel happiness!

It seems like such an odd concept to fear being happy, but it’s very real for so many of us.

A significant reason behind this fear is because allowing happiness in also allows the chance of failure. And, failure is bad, correct? Oftentimes in my head, yes, but in reality the answer is NO. Failure can be good.

Failure can teach you what methods do not work and allows you to search for better methods.

Failure often opens our eyes to our own flaws. This can be good, it allows us to see these flaws and have the option to fix them.

We have to open ourselves to feel failure in order to allow happiness in. This can be frightening, but if we learn to see failure in a less negative light, maybe even a positive light, happiness will not be so frightening.

Life is so much more enjoyable when allowing happiness in. Do not hide from your emotions. Focus on the good things in life. Being more positive lessens the chance of failure taking you down.

Remember you control the way you feel, do not let feelings control you. You choose what to fear and what not to fear. Of course this is easy to say, it can be very tough. But, hang in there and open yourself to happiness.

Peace and Hugs to you!

“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

How to Overcome SHYNESS

How to Overcome SHYNESS

Do you ever really really want to say something but you cannot speak, no matter how hard you try? Does your heart pound just at the thought of meeting with a group of people, possibly even acquaintances?

Shyness is a very real issue for many people. It affects both adults and children.

You are not alone. Some people start out very young being shy, others may have had a tragic experience that left them shy.

Being an introvert I have always understood people being quiet. I strongly believe there is nothing wrong with being quiet. Where “quiet” becomes an issue is when you really WANT to say or do something and you can’t. This is not an introvert trait, this is being shy. There is a huge difference.

Start by telling yourself you are not alone in this issue. Try using affirmations. “I am proud of myself. I am confident…” Many people, possibly even in your current group, have similar issues as you. You just do not notice it. They may be very good at hiding their shyness or you may be too focused on how shy you appear.

Secondly, put yourself in tough situations. Slowly take a step forward. Shyness will not go away on it’s on. You have to work on it. For example, if you are in class and scared to join in conversations, think of something quick and simple to add. Make yourself do it. Once you try you’ll notice that people didn’t look at you strange, they didn’t kick you out of class, you are OK. Take deep breathes and reassure yourself that you ARE worth listening to. Most people around you are so focused on what they are going to add to the conversation they will not pick up on your nervousness. If they do, you’ll be surprised that people will simply be concerned for you.

Next, try joining groups or volunteering in something your truly enjoy. This will help you be around like people and you will have something in common to talk about.

Practice easy lines in your head. “Hi, How are you? So, how long have you been volunteering?…” Think of questions that are open ended to start a conversation. Repeat the words over and over. Then when you are, for example volunteering, this phrase will easily fall out of your mouth when you walk up to someone.

You could also try talking to someone about your shyness, a friend, family member, or therapist. This will help increase your confidence.

Be easy on yourself. We, as people, tend to focus too much on ourselves. This is good for you though, this means people are not focused on you 🙂

It’s important to remember that even people you see as outgoing and confident still have their own self confidence issues. Just because someone appears very sure of themselves, they are often also nervous or unsure inside.

Take small steps and you’ll be glad you came out of your shell. Be proud of who you are and what you have to offer. It’s not fair to hide yourself. Peace and hugs to you.