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Explore!!!                       #vacation #fun #photography

Explore!!! #vacation #fun #photography

Have fun and find relaxation by exploring!

Ijams trail

I came upon this beautiful place last weekend.  I was out on my own looking for a short hike and stopped by Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville, TN.  I expected it to be an interesting little nature walk to help pass some time. I followed a gorgeous green path listening to the singing of the birds.


Little did I know I would come across this interesting and beautiful abandoned Limestone and Marble Quarry. It’s listed on the National Register for Historic Places.

You can even explore the area where the Lime Kilns at Mead’s used to reside.  The lime kilns would run at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit!


Look for hidden gems close to you, you’ll be surprised at what you come across!

Relax this weekend and find an interesting place explore!!