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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow.  Learn as if you were to live forever.”  Mahatma Gandhi #life

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Mahatma Gandhi #life

When are you going to die? When are your friends and family members going to die??

You are young. You say, “I’m barely half way through my life. I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.”

Fuel your body with healthy food and physical exercise. Try mediation or breathing exercises. Horrible habits may not harm you now, but you never know when your body may need to be strong to fight a sudden illness or sudden accident.

Do not take life for granted. We all do, I know it’s hard. We forget how strong and resilient our bodies are one minute and how weak they can be the next.

I have a family member, just 41 years old, that suddenly became ill. We don’t know if he will make it or not. The doctors are skeptical. He has been in the critical care unit at the hospital for a week as of today. Doctors scramble to figure out what is wrong with him, but no one can find a diagnosis.

Now we sit and wait, not knowing what to say to each other. Wondering what will happen. Thinking about how he feels right now, is he aware of what is happening? Surely he doesn’t feel any fear or pain… right? We don’t truly know. It all seems so unreal.

Find happiness and peace in you life. Take care of your own health. Set and complete goals in your life. Don’t let your fears stand in your way. Let struggles from the past go. Show your family you love them and love yourself.

Find the beauty in life.

Peace in Unexpected Places?

Peace in Unexpected Places?

Peace is when you sit back enjoy the unexpected!


I love driving and hiking off the beaten path. These photos are of Rainbow Falls in Colorado. We decided to follow an intriguing little road off the main drive and were excited to find this wonderful little fall and bridge with brilliant graffiti colors.




In what unexpected places have you found peace?



Why is self confidence so very important in order to lead a happy, healthy life but yet so hard for many people?

One of the main reasons people snap at others is due to low self confidence. If you do not like yourself you open the door to feeling picked on. Low self confidence creates an atmosphere of loneliness, self hatred, and even health issues. If you carry these feelings around with you it’s no wonder you are easily angered or stressed.

This low self confidence allows you to take people wrong and take their frustrations personally. This is no way to live. Think of the stress relief if you can rid yourself of these feelings.

Think of how you react to people with low self confidence. You may not trust them or feel comfortable around them. You may find yourself finding them easy to pick on or blame.

Think of how you react to people with a healthy level of self confidence! You trust what they say and they make you feel comfortable. You will find inspiration from them and gain positive thoughts.

So How Do You Gain Self Confidence??

Self confidence shows in how you act, how you speak, how you dress, your overall attitude, how well you take care of yourself, the amount of eye contact you have, and in the fact you can admit to making mistakes.

Look through this list and pick an area or two you would like to start working on. What areas are you already making progress on??

1- Believe that you can be confident. Write daily affirmations. It takes time to get rid of bad habits, but trust me you can learn to be more CONFIDENT. Be patient with the process and take small steps. By moving forward, at any pace, you will start to see improvement.

2- Learn social intelligence. Social intelligence teaches you how to interact with others. Use eye contact, dress confidently, put your shoulders back and stand tall, learn to listen in conversations (you do not have to always be the one to talk).

3 -Watch for negative thoughts to enter you mind. Right away replace them with positive thoughts. This may be forced at first, but as you do this you will actually see your thought patterns change.

4-Write down your goals. Try vision boards. Pick a goal to start working on. Don’t feel you have to finish all your goals right away. Take each one, focus on it, and work to achieve it. Then choose the next goal.

5-Start healthy habits. Slowly start to replace some of the unhealthy foods you eat with healthy foods. Start exercising. This can be anything from walking, adding some jumping jacks into your daily routine to running or swimming. Your confidence will build as you take better care of yourself.

EVERYONE is DIFFERENT. Be proud of your differences. This makes you interesting. Hold your head a bit higher today and find the confidence that lies within you.


Find a Little PEACE in Your Life

Find a Little PEACE in Your Life

Peace is found everywhere around you.

Make an effort to identify something peaceful in your life every day.  Make a game out of it so it becomes a habit.  If you have a very stressful life this may seem hard to do at first.  It can take some practice.

It can help to have a note pad next to your bed and force yourself to write down at least one peaceful thing you saw that day.

Peace can be seen as you are driving to and from work.  Look for green fields and flowers or kids playing baseball.


Seek out the peaceful elements of your surroundings.  In crowded areas maybe you’ll hear a child laughing or smell delectable food from a nearby restaurant.

Take a walk or a hike and listen to the birds or watch the gentle waves in a lake.  Listen to nearby streams and focus on the sound and the sun reflecting on the ripples in the water.  Take a closer look at the lake, do you see rocks or fish swim peacefully by?


Observe the small things around you and take in the peaceful energy.

What brings peace into your life?

Create a Vision Board

Create a Vision Board

Vision Boards have many different names such as Inspiration or Mood boards. They are also called Treasure Maps, Visual Explores or Creativity Collages.

They help you define your goals and align your focus. You can include your immediate goals or your long term dreams. It’s your board, you can add whatever you wish.

They are normally created on a poster board or cork board. Use cut out pictures from magazines, ones you’ve found on line or photos you’ve personally taken. You can also add trinkets, drawings, or meaningful quotes. You could also make yours electronically and print it out.

Leave blank spots for new ideas or update the board as new goals come to mind.

They are really easy to create and fun to do! Take some time to relax and focus on the board you are creating. Keep your board simple.

The concept is to present yourself with images of who you want to be, how you want to act, where you want to vacation and what you want to achieve. Surround yourself with these images.

Review the board daily, focus on it, and reinforce it with daily affirmations. Keep your focus on what you want to achieve and put actions into place to move your life in a direction to make these images a reality.

Do Vision Boards really work? Many people feel they do. Visualization works in physical activities. Think of how often athletes use this method. Visualization helps train your brain patterns. I also strongly believe in affirmations. Seeing the same meaningful phrases on a daily basis definitely molds your thinking.

Creating a board may seem a little awkward at first, but give it a try! The results can be quite rewarding. What are your Thoughts?

Where is your PEACEFUL place?

Where is your PEACEFUL place?

Everyone should have a peaceful place to visit!

Mine happens to be a bit of a hike up the hill in the picture above, but once I regain my breathe it’s one of the most peaceful places I have been.  I can see for miles.  It’s very quiet up there except for the light breeze and the birds chirping in the back ground… and the occasional chain saw down in the valley.  Hopefully the resident mountain lion keeps to himself.  I’m hoping he (or she) finds it just as peaceful and is sound asleep!

Peaceful places can be a special spot in a park.  Find a place with beautiful foliage, lake or river.  Listen to the sounds, watch the ducks, and take in the fresh air.

Peaceful places can also be inside your house.  You can create a reading nook or find a room all to yourself.  Turn the lights down, light some candles, and take some deep breathes.

Your peaceful place may be riding a bicycle down an open road or taking in the air on the back of a motorcycle.

Where is your peaceful place?

How do I Snap myself out of this BAD mood? – Affirmations

How do I Snap myself out of this BAD mood? – Affirmations

This is a question everyone asks at times. It should be easy, right!! Unfortunately that is not always so.

Affirmations are groups of meaningful words, used for self improvement, that feed into your subconscious.

Years ago I used to use the affirmation “I’m not as bad as I think I am” because other affirmations just did not feel up to par for me. As dull as this sounds it actually started working. At first it would only help for an hour or so, but anything helps when you are down. I would say it over and over again whenever I felt depressed. Now I never use this phrase because I feel better than that! I am a true believer in affirmations!!

No worries, at first affirmations may only work for a few minutes, but over time they will work longer. They are simple to do and can change your life.

You can make up your own affirmation or find one on line. There are even books written containing 100’s of short phases you can use.

You can use them to lift up your mood, bring peace into your lift, turn failures in your life into achievements, or even to rid yourself of fears. There are so many uses for affirmations!

SAY them to yourself or out loud, WRITE them down, SING them, you may want to do this one in your car! Use ones that flow for you and are easy to remember.

They can be as simple as:

I Love My Life

I am Peaceful

I am Safe

I am Loved

I Think of Happy Thoughts

I Love my Job

I Feel Appreciated

Change is Good

I Love Who I am Right Now

You may not believe these words when you start, but that’s OK. After you SAY, WRITE, and or SING them regularly you will start to feel the healing.  Be easy on yourself, it takes time.

Being negative is contagious! It will spread to the people around you. Someone has to make the decision to stop this cycle so why not let it be you.